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My experience in different functions and businesses informs me to understand my client's strategic priorities. Responding to a variety of client needs,  I deliver long-term and one-off engagements.  Please see below examples of the diverse project types and client industries in my portfolio. 


Nearly 30 projects delivered over 14 years with London Business School, such as:

  •  examined faculty-staff relationship; 

  • designed and delivered staff workshops; 

  • implemented values, new processes and systems; 

  • managed programme reviews; 

  • supporting internal restructuring.

Over an 11 year period, I was repeatedly invited back to Lloyd's to assess and select senior managers for a prestigious market-wide leadership programme because the client trusted my insight and judgement.

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`At INSEAD I work with senior managers to challenge their strategies and implementation plans as a group coach for the highly acclaimed Strategy Execution Programme


For seven years running, I have co-designed and delivered a stakeholder management simulation for Pernod Ricard's senior managers as part of a leadership programme.  Participants value the realistic dynamics that are generated, allowing them to gain learning experientially.

Why We're Great >

Co-created the Environment Agency's multi-modular two-year leadership development programme for the top 150 executives that equipped them with the skills to become more commercially oriented and business savvy.


Over the past 5 years, assessor and coach to Erste Bank, a major Eastern European financial services organisation, as part of an executive and high-potential assessment centre team.  My reports have been described as "spot on."


Why We're Great >

At Co-op Bank, designed a culture change programme to inspire creativity and innovation in a procedurally-embedded organisation.   

  • Conducted organisational audit to identify creativity blockers

  • Led executive team to develop their customer vision

  • Supported implementation to unlock creativity


Why We're Great >

Coached 3i private equity partners in several countries to reinforce learning from a one-year global leadership programme modules and, using psychometrics,  helped them to be more effective as leaders.


Why We're Great >

I worked with a team to design and deliver a multi-day simulation to prepare Novartis executives to function effectively in crisis. During the programme I was also a group coach to provide observations and insights that provoked learning.


I collaborated with Luxembourg's SES senior team to design two multi-modular leadership programmes to develop rocket scientists to effectively lead global teams. Facilitated global strategy conference. 


Focusing on the cultural and leadership aspects of M&A at Alstom, I designed and delivered M&A training for managers in Europe to prepare them during a period of acquisitions, as well as supporting their integration activities with ABB.


Why We're Great >

I was asked to facilitate strategy articulation for Prudential's senior teams and to coach group learning as part of a global leadership programme on power, politics and influence.

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