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I work with individuals and organisations to help them embrace change. I inspire trust and work collaboratively with my clients, and have a track record of providing exceptional consulting services.

Please see below the services I offer, and read testimonials from my former clients.

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Photo by Kai Oberhauser

Executive Coaching

​I’ve developed a unique coaching model which reflects aspects of our personal identities, while helping my clients to embrace change.  My accumulated life experiences provide insight that opens perspectives and provides clarity when my clients face complexity, are mired in self-doubt, feeling overwhelmed, or struggle to define a clear pathway forward. 


  • Enhance your leadership effectiveness

  • Navigate the political minefield in your work environment

  • Successfully deliver change in your current role

  • Prepare to step up to your next role

My ideal clients are professionals from any industry sector, but those who are open, motivated and have the humility to change.  I am accredited by the International Coaching Federation and Academy of Executive Coaching.   You can meet me virtually via a video on the Contact page.

Is something keeping you awake at night?
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Photo by Aaron Burden

Strategic Organisational Consulting

What is your organisation's challenge?

​Through experience I learned that change is organic, non-linear and emotional.  I work directly with clients and teams who “own’ the change agenda, or provide direct support and training to develop skills.  My strengths include organisational diagnosis, stakeholder sensing and proposition stress-testing. Distilling complexity to digestible actions, I utilise my skills bringing new insights to help clients to embrace change by viewing challenges in different ways. Collaboratively, I balance strategic thinking with actual "doing" to deliver results.  


In organisational change, only one thing is certain: We cannot successfully lead change alone.  


  • Define a strategic direction that will provide competitive advantage in the market

  • Develop leadership skills to tackle strategic imperatives

  • Plan and implement broad-based change

  • Design specific programmes or processes to implement change

  • Support a merger or acquisition pre- and post-deal

  • Create business simulations which mirror the organisational dynamics and develop insight

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Photo by Titouan Colomb

Executive Assessment

Selecting or developing your leaders and high potentials?

For the past twelve years I have worked with organisations to support assessment processes resulting in reports combined  with feedback and coaching sessions.  As a business psychologist, my portfolio of certified psychometrics, 360-degree feedback and other methods ensure that I have an integrated perspective of the individual to advise tailored recommendations.  Assessments take place in assessment centres or on a one-off individual basis.  Diagnostics also form part of my executive coaching approach.  

  • Evaluate board-level readiness

  • Select candidates for high-potential talent pools

  • Identify specific development areas for individual managers and executives


I am accredited by the British Psychological Society to administer and interpret ability and personality psychometrics, for instance Hogan, OPQ, Myers Briggs (Step I and II), and strengths types. I am an Association for British Psychology member.

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